• 08/20/2017

    The Network held its first annual meeting in parallel to the ICASS annual congress that took place in Umea from June 8th to 12th. The network also held a session on the teams projects. Many researchers and partners presented their work, amongst others: Jeanie Govan, from Charles Darwin University, Stephan Schott, from Carleton University, Sharon Harwood, from James Cook University, Jean-Marc Séguin, from Makivik, Leah Horowith, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Christopher Fletcher, from Laval University and Allan Dale, from Regional Development Australia.

  • 08/23/2017

    The English version of the online course (MOOC) on northern Quebec "Northern Quebec: Issues, Spaces and Cultures" will start on the fall of 2017. This course offers an introduction to social and political issues of northern Quebec, a territory that is also the traditional home of several First Nations. The different units will allow a better understanding of the northern populations’ cultures, of northern representations in our collective imagination, of the various visions of the economic development of this territory and of its socio-political developments. Register now!